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Florida Weekend!

We had an awesome time this weekend in Florida, and we’re definitely wishing we could stay a bit longer!  We started off on Friday with a trip to Palm Beach Atlantic University, where former Dry Leaf Project drummer and current PBA student Scott Hampson gave us a tour of the city. The Atlantic ocean was beautiful, and we were pretty much the only ones on the beach (I think Florida residents consider 75 degrees “cold”)! 

There were quite a few jellyfish washed up on shore, but we managed to avoid getting stung.

The show was great, and we played some Christmas tunes and met a lot of cool people.

The next night, we caught up in our friends in A View From The East Coast in Lakeland, FL for a show at Evolution Records.  We stumbled on what was being billed the world’s largest flip-cup game in the back alley, which was being played by 300 people all dressed in some form of Christmas garb (elves, Santa, and even Ralphie from A Christmas Story)!

The show was unbelievable, and we were cheered back on the stage for an encore by some of the best fans we’ve ever played for.  The next day, we headed up to Tallahassee to catch up with our friends in Canopy Red and eat some amazing steak. We’re hoping to catch up with even more former tourmates tonight since our buddies in Twice Mine live in the area as well.

All in all, it’s been a great weekend, and we’re definitely excited to hit the road again in February!