Jun 6

Foundations: 2007-2013

The year 2012 was a pivotal time for Good Luck Varsity. The wave of support that we received following the release of our EP “Thrones” led to a decision to hit the road full time, and we left home to carve out a name for ourselves in the pavement of the American interstates. The months that followed featured inspiring highs in cities like Williamsport, Grayslake, and Pittsburgh, as well as crushing lows, broken down in southern parking lots or playing our hearts out to empty rooms. But we found out exactly what we were made of, and by the time of the release of our limited-edition EP “Mountains” in December, we were ready to state emphatically that we had “come too far too lose.” 

We’ve spent the last several months at home in Michigan writing songs for a our debut full-length album, and we’ll spend the next several weeks in the studio making that album a reality. But with one chapter of the GLV story coming to a close and another on the horizon, we wanted to create a way to summarize everything we’ve learned so far, and to bring newer fans up to speed on what Good Luck Varsity is all about. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce our newest project: “Foundations: 2007-2013”. 

This 12-track album, which will be released on June 20, will feature our “Thrones” and “Mountains” EPs in their entirety, as well as re-recorded versions of our songs “Plan B (originally from our 2007 EP “Head High Heavy Hearted” - and featuring Travis Bobier of Search The City) and “Shipwrecked Safe & Sound” (originally from our 2009 EP “The Road The Rail The Wreckage”). The album will also feature one brand new track that has become a staple in our recent live sets entitled “Hounds.”

We want to thank for agreeing to help us unveil the new versions of “Shipwrecked Safe & Sound” and “Plan B” (click here to listen:, and we hope these songs will find a place in the hearts of both new and old GLV fans alike. And we especially want to thank those of you who have walked side by side with us as we’ve made this dream of ours into a reality; you’ve shared your stories with us, given us meals, provided floors to sleep on, tattooed our lyrics on your bodies, and passed along encouragement when the going got tough. We love you all, and we can’t wait to see what 2013 and beyond holds for the Good Luck Varsity family. 


Evan, Cody, Wasim, and Ryan

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

Hey everyone! Head over to Alternative Press to check out Good Luck Varsity’s brand new song, “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose”! 

We’re proud to announce that this song will be part of a 3-song, limited edition Cassette/CD called “Mountains” that we’ll be releasing in December of 2012. Only 300 physical copies of the EP will be produced: 150 copies on cassette, 150 copies on CD. All copies of “Mountains” will be hand numbered, will come in recycled packaging, and will available exclusively at Good Luck Varsity shows. The cassettes will come with a download card so that fans will have access to a digital copy of the songs, and the EP will also be available online via Bandcamp and iTunes. Hope you guys love it!



Five figures worth of debt for this degree that I will never use. I guess I should have always known the Gypsy life is what I’d choose. Now I’ve spent six summers in the minor leagues and I’m ready for my chance, so I’ll lay my head on foreign floors and dream about my big league plans. I’ll stand. They’ll never pry all this ambition from my hands.

So I’ll scream louder like there’s gun powder in my lungs, I’ve come too far to lose. And I’ll hold steady, keep my heart ready, cause I know my day is coming soon.

My buddy Ramey, that kid is always on my mind. He joined the Army, so I sat him down and asked him why. He said “it’s for you, the ones I love are worth the sacrifice.” So I’ll keep on chasing the dream that he’s protecting with his life. I know I fight a lesser war on nearer shores, but I can still change lives.

So I’ll scream louder like there’s gun powder in my lungs, I’ve come too far to lose. And I’ll hold steady, keep my heart ready, cause I know my day is coming soon.

I’m moving forward. I’ve got this fire in my chest. I’m moving forward now.

So I’ll scream louder like there’s gun powder in my lungs, I’ve come too far to lose. And I’ll hold steady, keep my heart ready, cause I know my day is coming soon.

I’m moving forward. I’ve got this fire in my chest. I’m moving forward now.

Shoulders Black and Blue

Hey everyone,

We’re busy getting things ready to head south for another few weeks on the road, and if it’s anything like the tour we just returned from, we’re in for the time of our lives.

We’ll never be able to say “thank you” enough for the love and support we’ve been shown by our fans and friends, both at home and along the road.  In a single summer, you’ve helped us build a mountain of memories beyond anything we could have ever imagined.  You may not have realized it, but when you were celebrating the release of Thrones with us at The Barn, or tearing up a VFW Hall in Indy, or screaming our lyrics back to us in Wilpo, you were carrying us.  You carried us through Delaware, where the sound guy and the only 2 people in the venue got up and left during our first song.  You carried us through Georgia, where the only people watching us were the band we were playing with and one very enthusiastic homeless dude.  You carried us through dropped shows, van breakdowns, smashed windows, and showering in Walmart sinks, and for that we are so very grateful.

There are so many definitions of success out there, and so many bands and artists who are willing to mortgage their hearts to get where they want to be.  Let’s face it: we live in an era where it’s standard operating procedure for producers to suck the soul from a vocal recording and replace it with robotic perfection, or for megastars to lip sync their live TV performances.  It isn’t easy to be a true music fan when bands are writing songs aimed at your wallet rather than your heart.  Yet so many of you have held on to the belief that music should be an expression of the soul, and you passionate few are the reason we love doing this so much.

So to everyone who has ever bought, burned, or stolen our music, or given us a meal, or a floor to sleep on, or taken time out of their day to show us around a new town, or simply came to a show and yelled “Amen” at the top of their lungs: thank you.  We carry you with us everywhere we go.

<3 Good Luck Varsity

Be there or be&#8230; well&#8230; somewhere else, I guess.

Be there or be… well… somewhere else, I guess.

Broken Window Blues

So we were heading back from the studio on Thursday night, and we were all in a great mood because we’d just wrapped up recording for our upcoming album. We usually keep all our equipment in the cargo area of our van, behind the seats. But this time, we had some PA speakers in one of the bench seats because we’d used our PA for a show last Thursday and we were too lazy/brainless/busy to take them inside. I’m sure you already know where this story is headed…

One left turn later, the metal corner of one of the PA speakers slid into the largest window in our van and decorated the street with a nice, shiny coat of glass:

Somehow, Wasim and Ryan made it all the way back to Canton from Royal Oak without Wasim’s floor tom flying out the window. Anyway, the repair shop couldn’t fit us in until Saturday morning, but we had a show on Friday night at the Flood Cafe in St. Clair Shores. So, we got together on Friday morning to begin installing our new temporary window:

Big thanks to my dad and Canton Wear Master for this fine, top-of-the line, best quality window material (which happened to be the remains of a box that some car parts had been shipped in).

Cody showed off some beautiful duct-taping skills, and within a half hour we had a brand new window.

The best part of this was that Wasim, Cody, and I were able to trick Ryan (who didn’t come to the cardboard window installation) into thinking that it would be a $1200 fix, and that since we couldn’t afford it, the cardboard piece would be our window for the foreseeable future.  We managed to string him along until late Friday night, though he swears he never believed us in the first place (he definitely did though!).

We got the window fixed bright and early Saturday morning, so for all of you midwesterners who were hoping to catch a glimpse of our fine window craftsmanship during our Winter Midwest tour (which starts on Thursday!), sorry to disappoint!

Speaking of our upcoming tour, you can check out all our live dates on the TOUR page of our website! We’re hoping to see some familiar faces along the road, so find the closest show to you, and out and come say hi!  

We love you all!

- Evan and GLV

The Galavanting, Globetrotting Good Luck Varsity

Hey Everyone!

We hope all is well, and that you northerners are surviving the winter. We wanted to take a minute to fill everyone in on our 2012 plans so you can start marking up those calendars you all got for Christmas (or, yanno, your iPhone)!  

Anyway, we’re heading out on a brief, 2-week tour of the Midwest that will begin in February and wrap up in March. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to get us quite south enough to see any weather benefits, but it will take us back to some of our favorite destinations from last summer’s Eastern US tour!

While we had a great time on our Eastern US tour last summer, we definitely missed all of our West Coast friends!  In August, we stopped in San Diego for a few days so Evan could compete in the 2011 Pokemon TCG World Championships, and it definitely reminded us how much we love the Western US. Ultimately, we’ve decided to divide our summer into 2 separate tours this year - one Eastern US, and one Western US!

The Eastern US leg will take place in June and will allow us to get back to many of the towns from last year’s Eastern US tour, and from our upcoming Midwest tour.  We’re crossing our fingers that this leg will also feature a stop at Pokemon Nats in Indy, so stay tuned for that if you’re a nerd like us. The Western US leg will take place in July and August. 

The great part is that, just like our upcoming Midwest tour, we’re doing these tours DIY, which means we’ll be organizing and booking each and every event on our own.  That means that if you want Good Luck Varsity in your town, we can make it happen!  If you’re interested in bringing GLV to your area, just shoot us an email at  We’ll work with anyone, even if you haven’t ever tried your hand at helping to organize a show before, so don’t hesitate to contact us (otherwise, we’re just going to put on blindfolds and throw darts at a map of the US to decide where we should play)!

As always, check out for the most up-to-date information, and to see if GLV is coming to your town! 

<3 GLV

Florida Weekend!

We had an awesome time this weekend in Florida, and we’re definitely wishing we could stay a bit longer!  We started off on Friday with a trip to Palm Beach Atlantic University, where former Dry Leaf Project drummer and current PBA student Scott Hampson gave us a tour of the city. The Atlantic ocean was beautiful, and we were pretty much the only ones on the beach (I think Florida residents consider 75 degrees “cold”)! 

There were quite a few jellyfish washed up on shore, but we managed to avoid getting stung.

The show was great, and we played some Christmas tunes and met a lot of cool people.

The next night, we caught up in our friends in A View From The East Coast in Lakeland, FL for a show at Evolution Records.  We stumbled on what was being billed the world’s largest flip-cup game in the back alley, which was being played by 300 people all dressed in some form of Christmas garb (elves, Santa, and even Ralphie from A Christmas Story)!

The show was unbelievable, and we were cheered back on the stage for an encore by some of the best fans we’ve ever played for.  The next day, we headed up to Tallahassee to catch up with our friends in Canopy Red and eat some amazing steak. We’re hoping to catch up with even more former tourmates tonight since our buddies in Twice Mine live in the area as well.

All in all, it’s been a great weekend, and we’re definitely excited to hit the road again in February!


Oct 3
Two Baker boys got Championship Points today. Yuppppp!

Two Baker boys got Championship Points today. Yuppppp!